26 March 2016

So near yet so far

After a hectic and tough week, it was such a relief to get outside and capture these images last weekend. I was so happy to finally see signs of spring, after what felt like an eternity of being cold. While I was out and about taking pictures, it was much easier and a very different experience to the hand-numbing expeditions of the previous month, when it was so windy I was worried my tripod would get knocked down.

In the spirit of the new season, I donned my floral print teal green jumper with my leopard print furry coat, and emerald green earrings which look like four-leaf clovers. I wore this outfit to work a few days before, but with errands to run and extra things to do, there was no possibility of taking pictures properly during the day. So I recreated the look on Saturday, when I had enough time for a photo session. I didn’t strive to make my ensemble too matchy-matchy, and I think it’s acceptable that the jumper is a different shade of green to the earrings, with the leopard print on top. Normally I try to keep things consistent colour-wise, but lately I’ve been wearing different colour combinations and prints together, and taking a less strict approach to coordinating things exactly. It’s been quite liberating and definitely seems to improve my mood, so I’ve decided to wear bright colours and prints more often. Since taking these pictures, it’s gotten quite cold again, and spring seems so near yet so far, but I’m remaining optimistic.

What do you look forward to most about spring? Which fashions are you keen to start wearing again? Do comment below and let me know your thoughts on the change of season, and matchy-matchy ensembles!

I'd also like to wish a happy Easter to all my readers.

Jumper - past season Oasis (similar)
Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi (similar)
Coat - Oliver Bonas (similar)
Necklace - vintage from Covent Garden Market (similar)
Earrings - Accessorize (similar)
Sunglasses - T.K Maxx (similar)
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